This Is The Time

Written by: Dave Davies

Published by: Dave Davies/Carlin Music Ltd


Spiritual army... from every nation, set us free.
Revolution, of psychic forces, heal your mind.

Throughout history humankind has been crushed by dominant and unscrupulous forces.
Now is the time to claim your cosmic right.
And become the Spiritual beings that we truly are!

Spiritual Army... to change the world.
And live in peace.
Use imagination.

(We are the origin of all coming evil)

A Spiritual Army, to save the world, to set us free.
Come and join our Spiritual Army, Revolution.
To live in peace.
La la la la... Love. La la la la... Love.

These are the days of purification, ahh!
This is the time of Revelation.
This is the time of emancipation, ahh!

Spiritual Army, Change the world to set us Free.

(Man cannot stand a meaningless life)

A Spiritual Army, a Revolution; to set us free.
Come and join our Spiritual Army, psychic forces;
All the Children, oh I implore you.
Happy face; you have a future, a holy destiny.
You have Love, you have a PLACE...

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix (6:46), recorded 2007 at White Mirror Studios, Devon, UK
Fractured Minds 31 Jul 2007 USA Koch Records KOC-CD-4242 CD
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