Darling I Respect You

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music Ltd.


you wanna know,
and if I can't get you to ???????
I think that I would go

Cause Darling I Respect You, wooah yeah,
Even though you treat me bad
Even though you do neglect me
And you think I am a drag

I will ????? them all,

take up body-building
So that I could crawl

And climb the mountains, swim the seas
Get down on my bended knee
To make you mine
If you would love me all the time

Cause Darling I Respect you,
Even though you treat me bad,
even though you do neglect me,
and you think that I'm a drag

Cause Darling I Respect You,
Even though you are a slag (even though you are a slag)

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