Introduction (dialog)

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music Ltd.


Tonight I'm going to read from the black book, the black book of X-Ray,
the tormented rantings of a sex-crazed rock 'n roller.
I want you to imagine that's it's the beginning of a new century.
Not the next century because that's too predictable.
I'm talking about the last century because hundred years ago.
That was the time when Great Britain had an empire.
And it's crucial to our story this evening.
You see, hundred years ago there was a queen on the throne of England.
Her name was Victoria.
Now I want ev'rybody clap your hands. Let's hear clap your hands.
Let's go, yeah.

This song can be found on the following releases:

live, stereo mix (1:10), recorded 1997 at unknown venue, overdubs at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London
The Storyteller 21 Apr, 1998 USA Konk/EMI-Capital 7243 4 94168 2 6 CD
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