Chords for "The Man Upstairs"

Date:  1 April 2018
From:  George Ziadeh

"The Man Upstairs"    Transcribed by George Ziadeh
Girl I want to be with you all of the time
Intro: D - C - F - D
Gm pentatonic riff 2 guitars

Touring relationships are fine when the
Hotels take care of the housekeeping
And you've got room service
But once you check back in to the reality motel
The dust appears on your furniture
The laundry piles up
And there's no room service to clear away the trash

That's when the tempers get frayed
The emotions get heightened
And the fights break out

Intro: D - C - F - D

Once we tried renting an apartment together
                            (Em - Em/D - Em/G -Em) repeat
But that was also a disaster
I can't sleep when I write
My brain keeps working
The person in the apartment above me
Must have been an insomniac also
Because he was still shuffling around at 3 am
Amazingly he was shuffling around to the beat I had in my head
(B - A - D - B) repeat if he were accompanying me            (Swinging Palm Mute Fades In)
               B                   A                       D
Then I decided to write this song for the unknown neighbor

(Continued Swinging Palm Mute)

The unseen person above me
As he listened to the fighting downstairs
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