Chords for "The Mystery Room"

Date:  1 April 2018
From:  George Ziadeh

"The Mystery Room"    Transcribed by George Ziadeh

Intro: G minor pentatonic ad lib
/f       Gm
It's the middle of the night and I look in the mirror
Bb  C             Gm
        Hey man, what do you see?
Hear the sound of the train by the river
Bb  C               Gm
        Crying out follow me
         F    C     Gm
And the four walls knock me out of bed
F    C               Gm
Run down the street, rain on my head
/e /f    Gm
        Since I was a kid always wanted to see
Bb C                        D7
        Now I'm faced with mortality

F Gm7
   Yeah I hear the greeting
Bb C/G
    Yet my heart's still beating
F Gm7    
    Now there's no retreating
Bb C/G              C/Bb
    Going into the mystery room

F C          F-Gm
Yeah my brain's hit a brick wall
Yeah my body's in free fall
F             C             F-Gm
Must be something weird going on in my head
Bb    C                                     F
Short circuited cross wired up on the high wire

Hear them play that honky-tonk tune
As we walk to that mystery room
Yeah can you feel the gloom
Lifting in the Mystery Room

F C    F-Gm7
Yeah, flight or fight face of fear
Or live in denial turn around get out of here
Or medication in the hope it might disappear
Bb C
    But if you can't see it, you can't feel it
F Gm7
    Meanwhile they're playing my tune
Bb C7
    It's raining out there but in here it's June
Big black cloud covering us with gloom
Bb C7
    That's why I hide in my mystery room

          F   C        F-Gm
Come and join me
        F        C       Gm
It's a moment too soon
         F       C                 Gm
Get your head in the clouds and disappear
      Bb  C
'Cos I'm here in my mystery room
Come and join us
Bb                 F       Cm
We're here in the mystery room
Come and join us
       Bb F        Cm
We're here in the mystery room oh yeah
Yeah, hear the greeting
Bb C        Gm
    Yet my heart's still beating
Now there's no retreating
Bb C                Gm7          /b /a /g /f /g /f Gm
    Going into the mystery room......................Ha!
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