Chords for "Message From The Road"

Date:  31 March 2018
From:  George Ziadeh

"Message from the Road"    Transcribed by George Ziadeh
                          Drop D-tuning    Intro: D(add9)
Here's my message from the road
I'm traveling through a new time zone
                /C#    D
So I'll try to call again tomorrow
Tell my kid I miss her so...
That I'm playing shows and singing songs
                /C#        D
But I miss the place where I belong

In another town but still I find
That you are always on my mind
                6th  7th D
When night turns in---to day
       C#/D  D  G/D  D   A
There's another town so far away
A7 D/A  G/A D/A A7 Bm/A  D/A   A7  G(sus2)
Waiting for  me on  the great highway

Right now you are in a far country
                        D7         G(sus2)
With good time gals who come and go
You'll party with the good old boys
                 D7         G(sus2)
Have a drink and act macho
       G/B               C   G/B   Am7
Out of sight and out of mind
                         G         Em7
Always somewhere on the road
                 D7  Em    D/F#  G         Am  G/B   C    D  
Wherever you may go you'll know    you'll have  a   place in my
                         C(9)      G
     C          6th  7th  G
When night turns in---to day
G   F#/G    G   C/G  G    D       6th 7th  6th D Em/D 6th D   C(9)    G
In  your    re---a---li---ty, I'll be just a---nother me--mo--ry
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