Chords for "Don't"

Date: March 24, 2005
From: José Duarte

Intro:  D  E  D  E

D                     E
Walking 'round this metropolis 
         D                            E 
With its buildings that reach to the clouds 
D                          E
There must be millions of people out there
D                               E   
Walking 'round with their heads bowed 

This city kills me, but it thrills me 
Now something's gone and held up the crowd 
They're pointing at a man standing high on a ledge 
And somebody just cried out loud 

A           G           A       G    Bm  D                        
Don't look down at the people below, oh 
A           G
Don't look down
       A           G            Bb           F   
It's a long way to fall and I'd sure like to know 
F                     G
What made it happen, sure makes you think
F                                   Bb              F
Must have been something special to send him to the brink 
D                                E
Down here on the sidewalk, he's clearly in view 
Then a voice shouts up to him 
     Bb          F              C     
Try thinking it through but whatever you do 

C           Bb         C      Bb     Dm   F  
Don't look down at the people below, oh 
C          Bb                 C             Bb
Don't look down, things might start looking up 
Dm             G#
You just never know 

G#						  Bb
He's heard the cries of the lunatics facing defeat 
    G#                            C#              G#
The cheers of the winners who are dancing in the street 
            F                    G          
Perhaps the crime and corruption finally got through 
        G#                        C#           G#
And the violence of the city Just broke him in two 
      Eb             Bb
Now a voice from the queue shouts 


F          G     G          G
Don't look down, don't look down 

(change key to F)
F					  G
Down here on the sidewalk It's stopped all our lives 
F					 G
People are talking instead of just walking by 
F				     G
Before this happened it was just another day 
F					    G
Now people are talking instead of walking away 

Now we're gripped by this tragedy 
    G						G#   
Our blood starts to pump as we all shout together 
Eb    Bb     Eb   Bb
Don't jump, don't jump 


Don't look down, we all shouted out, oh 
Don't look down 
It's a long way to fall and I'd sure like to know 

What made it happen, guess we'll never know 
Now the sun's come out 
Looks like he's standing on a rainbow 
He's in the heavens, I'm standing on the ground 
Saying don't look down
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