Chords for "Sane"

From:  Leif Thiborg
Date:  20 March 2013

intro: D A    C  A

verse  (key: D)
D                   A
Walking around in a state of shock
C                   A                  D         A     C     A
Something must have gone wrong with my brain
       D              A 
Like a poet whose got writer's block
C                     A             D            A     C     A
Can't put the words together what a shame

D                D/C#
Reassured by the Doc, 
         D/C                        D/B          
he says there's lots of people with what you got 
        G                             Gm
There's nothing here that cannot be explained 

notes:     G  ,  F# ,  D  ,   B
chords     G     Bm    D      Bm 
          You're not   cra -  zy 
A (hold chord )        D            A     C     A  
          You're quite Sane
                     D              A     C     A        
          Pronounced Sane                     

verse 2 (change key to G)

       G                               D
It's a great illusion, world full of confusion
     F                 D          G             D    F    D     
With 24-hour news that leaves you drained
       G                            D
With celebrity shows that teach you how to pose
      F           D             G               D    F    D
Where everybody's looking oh so vain
       G            G/F#
Took a visit to the Doc 
       G/F              G/E
and he listened while I talked a lot 
      C                  Cm
About panic, anxiety and strain 
But he 

notes:    C      B   G    E
chords:   C      Em  G    Em
          smiled and told me 
          C      Em  G  Em        
          you're not crazy 
D/F#(hold chord)       G        D   F   D
          You're quite sane. 
                  G             D   F   D            
          S-a-n-e sane 
C D                       D   C   D
  It's a global warning, 
D                         D   C   D
an emotional drain 
Chaos and confusion, 
       C  Em  G     C     D            
it's a wonder we're still sane
D                       D   C   D
And life keeps coming 
D                       D   C   D
at you day by day 
D                            C    Em    G   Em       A      
It's a rollercoaster, and it just won't go away -------------

(back to verse in G)                
G                  D
Gonna survive, I'm glad I'm alive 
       F                         D             G        D   F   D              
I'm on top of the world, there's so much to be gained 
          G                D
I've been reassured by the revelation 
         F                D             G         D    F    G  
That the confirmation somehow eases the pain 
       G                G/F#
And he smiles, it's not bad
      G/F                     C
As he scribbles down on a notepad
Words that comforted and eased the strain
C   Em G    Em   C Em G Em
Say it with me :  S-A-N-E
           G       D   F   G  and son
Pronounced Sane
S-A-N-E Sane
Pronounced Sane
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