Chords for "The Deal"

Date:  29 March 2018
From:  George Ziadeh

"The Deal"    Transcribed by George Ziadeh

Man speaking:
I'm saying the people in this town have to be locked up. All of 'em. We have to leave and
these people have to be locked up..........D'ya know what I mean?
C   Em/B       Am7
I'm going to L.A.
G              F              G
Check into a quiet, groovy hotel
G   Am Bb  B C
Get myself a tan 
Em/B           Am7
By the sleepy pool
G              F
Meet a pretty girl
Walk her down the strip
                        (F - G)4x
And chill out in the bar
C    Em             Am
Then I will rent a car
   G            F
An open-top Mustang
To cruise around the beach
          G    Am   Bb  B  C
And I'll check out all the babes
Em                  Am
While the sun goes down
    G               F
By then I will be ready
To party and
F          Am/E          Dm7
When I'm emotionally refreshed
   C              Bb
Relaxed and confident
I'll hit Rodeo Drive
    C    Dm  Eb E  F
And drink a cappuccino
      Am/E           Dm7
And depending how I feel
      C               Bb 
I'll grab a piece of action
At the Beverly Hills
   /sus4  C           A(Bb/A) x7 (trill on beat 8)
And get myself a deal

F        Am     Dm  C      F7
Isn't it wonderful, marvelous?
Bb             A(Bb/A) 2x (/a, /a-flat, /g, /g-flat)
Utterly surreal
F        Am    Dm  C/E     F7
Totally fabulous, fraudulent
Bb             A(Bb/A)
Bogus and unreal
Bb          C      Bb      C
This is my lucky day
I'll travel to L.A.  Bb      C
And get myself a deal
C           Em/B         Am7
Today I'm a bullshit millionaire
    G          F
As good as anyone
Better than I was
    G  Am  Bb B  C
In dreary Angleterre
Em             Am
Real but disillusioned
G                 F
Traveling on the tube
Riding on the bus
F        Am             Dm7
Now I'm full of self-belief
    C              Bb
Pretend to be somebody 
While the credit's good
C Dm    Eb  E F
I will rent a mansion
Am               Dm
Somewhere in Bel Air
C            Bb
Confidence a-bounding
Looking really awesome
          A(Bb/A) x7 (trill on beat 8)
Truly debonair

It'll be wonderful, marvelous
Feeling really fake
Feeling so fabulous, fraudulent
A counterfeit on the make
Today I'm gonna get my break
Go to LA, strike myself a deal
And be part of the American Dream

Da, da, da, da daaaaa, da-da-da
Da, da, da, da daaaaa, da-da-da

It'll be wonderful, marvelous (wonderful, marvelous)

Woman speaking:
Hey Ray, what's the haps?(?)
Man speaking:
What's the deal, Ray?
What's the deal?

It's been a while
I haven't seen you for at least a year or more
Or is it less? I can't be sure
But anyway
You must've heard about the troubles that I had
Still I got through, I always manage to
And by the way, how are you?
(Ooh, marvelous)
How is your life? How is it goin'?

Da, da, da, da daaaaa, da-da-da

Man speaking:
I still have to sign a contract
People in this town have to be locked up
All of 'em

Hey Ray, what's the deal?
Yeah, what's the deal, Ray?
(Ray)         Bb 
The deal is (marvelous)
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