Chords for "Creepin' Jean"

Date:  December 2, 2009
From:  Paul Dregseth

*= Barre chords.  B on 2nd fret, D on 5th fret, E on 7th fret.

When playing the open E chord, I throw in a G bass note to imitate 
a bass "whoop" as on the studio version.

During the chorus, a guitar just wails on an E chord as a drone effect.


E     A     B*     D*       D*-E* (D sliding up to E) Hold E chord

E* D*  A   E   (4x)

You're not leaving so descreet, 
Just creeping out on me. 
Your dizzy head, and smoky eyes, 
You'll find some other's bed to sleep. 
So don't look back, it is too late, 
No story to be told. 
     E                 G
This creepin' mess you left for me, 
     A                  E*
Promising that you'd be home. 

E*                    D*
You don't know what I mean, 
A                   E*
Creepin' Jean's a disease.  (4x)

Your dirty friends and underwear, 
Keep hanging 'round my room. 
The lonely pictures that you paint 
Are creepin' to their doom. 
So don't look back it is too late, 
No story to be told. 
      E                    G     
These creepin' friends you left for me, 
            A             E*
Saying your promise to be home. 


Ad Lib and fade

Date: 4 August, 2012 From: Harald Wissler For the chorus you suggest: 4 x E D A E But the original goes more like this: E G A E - E D G D - E D A E - E D A E with 2 x E D A E as a coda after the 2nd chorus.
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