Chords for "Let It Be Written"

Let It Be Written


Intro: Dm   Bb  G   Dm

Dm       Bb              C             Dm                

When I'm thinking of the pages still unwritten

Dm      Gm            Dm                 Gm             Dm       

Staring at that empty page fills me with anger and with rage

            C                   Dm 

It gives me chills, it makes me age

Dm       Bb              C             Dm

When I think of all the pages to be written

F              Bb                  F    

I'll write the lines, contrive the plot 

              Bb                 F

I'll take the praise and all the knocks

          Gm               Dm            

And every word and in each line is a creation that's all mine

In 80 days 200 pages to be written

Still they're saying

 G7                                Am

(When will it be written?) I don't know


(When will it be written?) I don't know

(When will it be finished?) When it is done!

              Am          Bb           C  

Writing is my occupation, money is the motivation

Gm                           Bb                      Dm

Must maintain my reputation, looking for some inspiration

chords tabbed by: José Duarte
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