Chords for "Be Rational"

Be Rational


C                     F      Bb                      F

I've so much still to learn, I've found another open door

C                       Dm

To find, discover and explore 

    Bb                                F  

And when that's done there'd still be more

C                   F   Bb                         F

I thought I knew it all but now I've broken all my rules

C                           Dm

She got me stumbling like a fool

Bb                         F

My knowledge seems so minuscule

   Bb        F     Bb             F

Be rational, think what is it I'm feeling?

       Gm  Dm        Gm   Dm 

I feel so alive, yet paralyzed

Really goes to show how deep emotions sometimes go

The more we learn, the less we know

Be rational, think of the club consider your reputation

A raconteur, adventurer

Be rational, be wise assess the situation

Be calm, be cold, it will be so

F                      Dm                               Am 

And logically I should decline there's no equation to define

                       E                               C 

A feeling that is so divine, a man like me just has no time

I'm such a worldly man for once I'm stuck without a plan

For once I need a guiding hand

Somebody help me understand

You're intelligent, you're smart but it's not in your equation

Or on the map, or in the chart

Gm                 Bb        F

You see you simply lost your heart

chords tabbed by: José Duarte
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