Chords for "Come Dancing"

Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 13:00:14 -1000
From: Jim Smart
Subject: Come Dancing

Come Dancing

Written by: Ray Davies

Note: This song uses some tricky time signatures...listen carefully to the
song to changes chords at the right time.

Intro: The key here is to emphasize the up-strum...this is played on a 12
string, I believe...

 G    D    D   G

Riff: These intro chords repeat with the horn line. This can be easily
played within the chords of G and D......G: start at the note of D, and
climb to G, then B, then D. Play 3 Ds, then 2 Cs, and a B. Then play a
similar line over the D chord, from D to F# to A to D, before walking down
to the G note.

G                                    D
They put a parking lot on a piece of land
D                               G
Where the supermarket used to stand.
  G                           D
Before that they put up a bowling alley
D                                  G
On the site that used to be the local palais.
C                            G
That's where the big bands used to come and play.
D                         G
My sister went there on a Saturday.

Come dancing,
All her boyfriends used to come and call.
             D              C    G
Why not come dancing? it's only natural


Another Saturday, another date.
She would be ready but she's always make them wait.
In the hallway, in anticipation,
He didn't know the night would end up in frustration.
He'd end up blowing all his wages for the week
All for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek.


Come dancing,
That's how they did it when I was just a kid,
And when they said come dancing,
My sister always did.


Em                   D              C
My sister should have come in at midnight,
Em                  D              C
And my mom would always sit up and wait.
Em          D              C
It always ended up in a big row
Em                D              C
When my sister used to get home late.

This part is like the into:
 G                          D
(spoken) Out of my window I can see them in the moonlight,
D                                                            G
Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate. (Mom yells at them...)
Em           D                C
The day they knocked down the palais
Em       D          C
My sister stood and cried.
Em           D              C
The day they knocked down the palais
Em         D              C
Part of my childhood died, just died.

(loud) Em D C D  Em D C D Em D C D Em D C D

repeat intro:   G   D       D       G

Now I'm grown up and playing in a band,
And there's a car park where the palais used to stand.
My sister's married and she lives on an estate.
Her daughters go out, now it's her turn to wait.
She knows they get away with things she never could,
But if I asked her I wonder if she would,


Come dancing,
Come on sister, have yourself a ball.
Don't be afraid to come dancing,
It's only natural.

The last chorus leads to a key change....
Come dancing,
C                    G
Just like the palais on a Saturday.
And all her friends will come dancing
            C               Em
Where the big bands used to play.

Hold the Em for two measures, then modulate to the key of Eb. This is the
same riff as before, played in Eb. Perhaps someone out there can write the
notes for the finale...

repeat 4 times:      Eb     Bb       Bb       Eb

Humbly submitted by Jim Smart
Honolulu, Hawaii
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