Chords for "Other People's Lives"

Date: March 7, 2006
From: Leif Thiborg

Intro:   / / / /    /  / /  /      
         A          Dm C Bb      x3

Dm                 A                         Dm         Dm  C   
Can't believe what I just read Gossip on the Internet 
Bb               C        Dm   A                 Dm
Now the tabloids have the news Cross my heart it just ain't true 
Dm  C     Bb7           Dm  
I   never thought it of you 

Name names and every line Is feeding their suspicious minds 
I'm not bitter or angry I'm only feeling sympathy 
           Bb7 (hold)
You really found the time 

   A                 Dm   C    Bb     A                Dm    C   Bb
To feed the reporter with your views  See the reporter break the news 
A                  Dm   C   Bb
Read the reporter, join the queue 
Am         F     Am    F    Am        F      Bb  F    Gm
Spread the news, scandalize Words cut like a thousand knives 
Am       F     Am       F         Am      F          Bb   /A  /G  /F   A
Take the cash, bank the prize For playing games with ot-  her people's lives 

A       Dm C Bb    A                Dm    C   Bb   A                  Dm   C   Bb
                   See the reporter break the news Read the reporter, join the queue 

Eat it up, take a bite Feed the reader's appetite 
They'll swallow anything you write As long as it's in black and white 
And full of titillation 
I can't believe what I just read Excuse me, I just vomited 
Tell your story, it's your call So autobiographical 
But oh, so trivial 

Feed the reporter 
     C                       Bb    C                                 Bb 
They put it on the Internet        To help improve the circulation 
     C                        A7
Then pepper it with lies It's only other people's lives 
A     Dm C Bb    A                   Dm   C     Bb    A                    Dm C Bb
                 Feed the reporter                    Read the reporter

Politicians dressed in drag Careers stopped with quick back stab 
While anonymous informer flees And leaves us with our fantasy  And erotic visions 

Who did what, when, to whom In the dominatrix room? 
Tabloids daily, titillate Each sordid tale reverberates 
All across the nation 
(What can I say?)Feed the reporter 
(It's a vendetta) Read the reporter 

A rumor then a vicious phrase 
A poison pen can wreck your day 
Beware the words that crucify 
As tabloid judges sharpen up their knives 

Read the reporter Black and white 
See the reporter Victimize 
See a poor sucker Crucified 

Distort the truth, go tell your lies 
Betray your friends and get the prize 
The dagger's in, now twist the knife 
The gutter's full of other people's lives
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