Chords for "You Really Got Me"

From: Kevin Larsen
	       	      Y O U   R E A L L Y   G O T   M E
			      T h e   K i n k s 

Here's the main verse riff chords:

G      A      G      A 

Now wasn't that simple?

From John Bosch Date: Fri, 29 Dec 95 08:04:38 UT [...] However, just one correction. The chords for the riff on the original version of You Really Got Me are: F G F G. I know I'm being picky, but I wouldn't want someone to confuse it with the VH version, which was: G A G A.
From: Steve Dix, DIALnet Helpdesk Supervisor Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 19:17:49 -0700 Subject: You really got not that simple A FURTHER Correction to you really got me. It goes F - G, F - G, THEN it goes up a tone to go G - A, G - A THEN!! it Goes C - D , C - D This repeats for the second verse. The solo is over F-G F-G. Then Back to the Beginning The End chord is the Barre D. I should know... I'm the poor sucker who has to play it in my band.. that sodding solo, which hurts due to all the pull offs.
Date: April 12, 1997 2:51 PM From: Jim Smart Dave.... love the running comments on You Really Got Me... please add the following; These notes are essentially correct. However, there is one last bit of the song left out, which is that, after the second chorus, but before the finger splitting lead (Please notate that one for us!!!), the band holds a special chord known as "C" for awhile, thus allowing the drums to pound, Ray to say "Oh No", and Dave to say "Fuck off!!" before the full band comes in. Now, we are komplete! Jim Smart
Date: Sept. 15, 1999 8:00 PM From: Paul Minor Also, on "you really got me," one more note: if you listen closely to the original single, you can hear the bass adding the ring of the open A string during the f-g f-g riff over the verse. it's obviously just sloppy picking on a heavily compressed bass guitar, but it adds a crucial punk rock edge. check it out.
Date: Dec. 18, 1999 11:19 AM From: Alan Rae hey, right I just wanted to say that in the version of the single all the guitars are tuned up one semi-tone. You can also play: F#>G# / F# G# With standard tuning, note that theF# slides to G# in the opening of the chord progrssion. Thanks, Kris P.S. Does anyone have the solo. It is probably the worst recorded solo evr, he hits duff notes and all. But it'd be good to play. please post.
Date: June 3, 2006 From: Mr. Spooner The Solo for You Really Got Me (in Standard Tuning) |--3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3----------------------------------------| |--3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3------------3--------------3--0--3--0---| |--5b(6)-5b(6)-5b(6)-5b(6)-5b(6)-5b(6)--5b(6)---5b(6)r5p3----3--0--3--0---| |---------------------------------------------------------5---------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-3-0-3-0--------3------------------3--0--3--0--3-------------------------| |-3-0-3-0--5b(6)----5b(6)r5p3-------3--0--3--0--3---5b(6)r5p3-------------| |-----------------------------5--------------------------------5----------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-6p3---------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----6p3----------3-----------------3--0--3-0-3---------------3----------| |----------5b(6)r5---5b(6)r5p3-------3--0--3-0-3---5b(6)-5b(6)------------| |------------------------------5------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |--------------6p3--------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------6p3--------3----------------3-0-3-0-3-----------------| |-5b(6)r5p3--------------5b(6)----5b(6)r5p3-----3-0-3-0-3---5b(6)-5b(6)---| |-----------5-------------------------------5-----------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------6p3---------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------6p3-----------------------------------------------------| |-5b(6)-5b(6)----------5b(6)--5b(6)r5p3-----------------------------------| |----------------------------------------5--------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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