Chords for "Willesden Green"

Date: April 18, 2001 1:49 AM
From: Christopher Heckman

"Willesden Green", written by Ray Davies (the Kinks)
tabbed by Christopher Heckman
using Seventh String's Transcribe! utility

Usual disclaimers: You are allowed to use this file only for private study;
making money off of it is strictly verboten. If the chords don't line up in
whatever word processor you are using, change the whole document to Courier
font (or some other equal-spaced font). And lastly: this is my interpretation
of the song; no copyright infringement or toe-stepping-on is intended.

Rhythm: eighths on 1st, 2nd, 3rd beats, triplet on 4th ("1 and 2 and 3 and 4
and-a"). A cowboy song. (I'm not entirely kidding; after all, this song was
off of the "Percy" soundtrack, which was followed by the _Muswell Hillbillies_

The bass has several main riffs, shown below. EB1 and EB2 are played over
an E chord, BB1 over a B chord, etc. Parentheses () are shown at the start
of each measure.
 I have included the notes for the vocal harmony in the introduction,
in note/octave format. (c4 is middle C.)

    EB1  /   /   /      BB1  /   /   /      EB2  /   /   /

    AB1  /   /   /      AB2  /   /   /      F#mB1 /   /   /

 Intro (vocal harmony): [b2 b3 f#4] [b3 b4 (f#5 b5)] [a3 a4],
 then bass tab: BE1, BB1, BE2, BE2.

(E)    E7 (EB1)        B (BB1)          E (EB2) (EB2)
Well I tried to settle down Fulham Broadway,

      (EB2)            A (AB1)         E (EB2) (EB2)
And I tried to make my home in Golders Green.

      (EB2)              (EB2) A (AB2)       F#m (F#mB1)
But I gotta get that train and go back home again,

         E (EB1)             B (BB1)                  E (EB2) (EB2)
Oh how I miss the folks back home in Willesden Green.

           E (EB1)         B (BB1) E (EB2) (EB2)         (EB1)
Oooh, ooh, ooh,   ooh ...                      ooh, ooh, ooh ...

 The following is spoken over the chord changes:

                            B7 (BB1)
You know, I tried, I really tried to settle in this big city,

E (EB2) (EB2)
  (Ooh, ooh, ooh)

E (EB2)                              A (AB1)           E (EB2) (EB2)
And I always thought I could make it all on my very own.

E (EB2)                                     (EB2)
But there's one thing that keeps calling me

                A (AB2)                   F#m (F#mB1)
To that little, that little semi-detached.

           E (EB1)                     B (BB1)           E (EB2)
That's the folks, yeah, the folks back home in Willesden Green.

 Out: Piano solo over ||: EB2 EB1 BB1 EB2 :||
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