Chords for "When A Solution Comes"

Date: March 24, 2005
From: José Duarte

Am  G Am (4X) 

Am         G    Am          
When a solution comes, 
           Dm			    E7 
It's gonna breathe right down on everyone. 
Am         G    Am
When a solution comes 
           Dm			       E7
It's gonna cover up the clouds and eclipse the sun
    F                     C  C7
And black out a pale blue sky, 
    F                    E
And everybody's gonna be terrified, 
   F                         D        G 
Because they're all going to feel the bite 
F                    C    E7 Am F C G    
And there's going to be a revolution 

When a solution comes. 
It won't take sides with anyone 
Regardless of race or creed, 
The whole wide world is gonna feel the squeeze. 

The red, black, yellow and white 
And even the Arabs and the Israelites 
They're all going to feel the bite 
And there's going to be a revolution. 

C         G           Bb         G
I've been searching a long, long time, 
F       G     F        G  
Looking for a final solution 
C               G                Bb         G
Searching here, searching there, Searching everywhere. 
Am             C						   D7       F  G  F  G    E
Now my day has finally come it's time to shout to everyone 

E               D
I have waited a long, long time, 
E                  D
Biding my time and waiting on the sidelines 
A           G           G7
Watching it all go wrong. 
Witnessing the disintegration, 
G                           F      E
Rubbing my hands in anticipation. 

Everybody's searching so desperately, 
They've got to run to someone 
And that someone's going to be me. 
Yeah, I'm gonna change the world, 
I'm going to use a little manipulation. 
I'm going to build a new civilisation
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