Chords for "Uncle Son"

Uncle Son 

Written by: Raymond Douglas Davies 

Published by: Davray Music Ltd. 

Transcribed by Ian Grant

Feel at liberty to extend some of the A and G triads into dom7 chords.

Intro (to the 'Bless You Uncle Son' epithet)

D       G   D         A7         D  G   (D)          


(D)    A      G7      D
He was just a workin' man, 
       G7        A      D
Simple rules and simple plans, 
      A7               G7   D
Fancy words he didn't understand, 
   D              A
He loved with his heart, 
   A               D      A7  G7  D|||
He worked with his hands. 

D        A        G     D
Liberals dream of equal rights, 
              G7        A          D
Conservatives live in a world gone by, 
           A7          G7       D
Socialists preach of a promised land, 
D             A           G        D     A7  G7  D=
But old uncle son, was an ordinary man. 

(=D)      G     D
Bless you uncle son, 
           A7                                 D
They won't forget you, when the revolution comes. 

<Repeat the phrase- (D) G D  A7   D G D|||>

D         A        G       D 
Unionists tell you when to strike, 
         G7       A       D
Generals tell you when to fight, 
          A7        G7         D
Preachers teach you wrong from right, 
        D                    A
They'll feed you when you're born, 
    A7               D
And use you all your life. 

D         G     D
Bless you uncle son, 
           A7                              D   G  D
They won't forget you when the revolution comes.
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