Chords for "Till Death Us Do Part"

Date: July 14, 1999 12:25 AM
From: Harlan Thompson


(G7)       C               Cm                              
What can I do?  How can I show you 
            G               D7                    
And let you see, that I am someone
That you want me to be
I'm only me, not someone better                   
Not someone good, I'd be a soldier                   
That's if I only could
If I were king, I'd tell my army                       
To change the world, then I'd be someone                    
Like you want me to be

             C                    Cm                  Bb    
In my little mind, I know that the world must keep on turning
 Ab             Eb             Bb     G7 
Even though it leaves me far behind
               C                      Cm               Bb
Life is like a school, but I'm not prepared to keep on learning
Ab             Abm              Eb       G# G# G  G# G# G  G# G# G
Even though it treats me like a fool
/G   /A  /B  C
This is our lot, to live together                             
Not live apart, let's stay together
Until death us do part
Not just a day, but till forever                          
Just as the stars, just as the ending                  
Until death us do part
La la la la.... (fade out)

Date: February 3, 2007 From: Phillip The chords on the last verse...including the lalalala..are wrong... it should be C Cmin Bflat G D it's different than the other verses that way...
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