Chords for "Take One More Chance"

From: Leif Thiborg
Date: Nov. 14, 2009

Am B E/g#
Ooh, I don't understand,
F G Dm
In this crazy world we live in,
F G Am
Just look around, is it true?
B E/g#
No one gives a damn.
F G Dm
Trapped in a world of illusion,
F G Db Fm/c
Is it too late for us all
Ebm Db Fm/c 
Baby, we'll never know why we're stranded here,
Lost in this crowded room,
Db Fm/C Ebm
I noticed you the minute you came into view.
Db Fm/C
But you're so hard to me,
Oh, why do I care for you so?
Gb F F/C
I never ever doubt, my love,
Ebm /db Bbm A
The time is oh so right for love.

Db Db/B Gb/Bb Amaj7
Take one more chance, this is the last dance.
Db Db/B Gb/Bb F#m /A
Take one more chance, this is the last romance.
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