Chords for "Something Better Beginning"

From: Kimmo Laaksonen 
Date: Fri, Sep 20, 1996 5:33 AM

Something Better Beginning

Written by: R. Davies
Published by: Kassner Music Co. Ltd

intro: D Dsus2 | D Dsus2

They said this was the last dance

 D                        C                Em
The lights went dim as I looked round the floor
 Em         A7
Then I saw you standing there
 Em                 A7                        D
Then I walked up to you and I asked for this dance

The band had started to play

 D7                    G
I held you hand and I sighed

 G                   D
Is this the start of another heart breaker

 A7                  G
Or something better beginning

 G                D
Something better beginning

 A7               D (Dsus2 | D Dsus2)
Something better beginning

 Bb                                  D
I never thought I'd love like this until I met you

 Bb                              D
I found something I thought I'd never had

 F                                 C
The only time I feel all right is when I'm with you

 Bb                        A7
I wonder how long it will last

 (chords like 1st verse)

I walked you home in the night
The moon shone bright as we walked hand in hand
I've known this joy once before
But it came to an end just as it had began

Each step that I took with you
Brought one thing closer to my mind
Is this the start of another heart breaker
Or something better beginning
Something better beginning
Something better beginning
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