Chords for "The Shirt"

Date:  23 July 2019
From:  Nicholas Gallagher

The Kinks - The Shirt
Written by: Raymond Douglas Davies
Tabbed by: Nicholas Gallagher

Main Riff:

(Main riff played over verse chords.)

Am                   D
As I walked into the charity store
        Am                        D
I saw a second-hand shirt hangin' up by the door
    Am                             D
The collar was frayed, there was a stain on the cuff 
          Am                  D
Caused by ketchup or blood or some such stuff
Am Am     D           Am Am    D
It wasn't made of polyester or nylon
Am Am     D                      Am Am    D
The label said "Made in the UK" so I tried it on
C                   G          Dm      Em7
And I looked in the mirror and declared
"I like this shirt, I want it"

Am                         D
It's not the label on the shirt that you wear
Am                            D
It's the way that you wear it
Am                                    D
They say it's style and breeding and culture that counts
Am                                     D
But you can't change good taste on the expense account
Am Am   D                Am Am       D
And if design or fashion makes you a hero
Am Am   D                                 Am Am       D
You can dress all highbrow but still be an emotional zero
   C  G  Dm  Em7            Am
But I declare "It's not the shirt you wear
It's the way that you wear it"

Dm                                      Em7
I was looking for danger, I should have taken more care
Am                                Am7
I was dressed to kill, I felt so debonair
Dm                          Em7
Wild expectations, arrogant air
       Am                     D
Then I walked into that bar, she was standing there
Am                        D
I walked over with all my savoir fair
             Am                      D
And she said "You're a smart looking dude
          Am         D        Am              D
But your character's ugly, it clashes with my shoes
C  G Dm Em7                     Am
And I, I can't stand your attitude"

Am               Dm7          Gm7       C7
I assumed it was leading to a romantic interlude
Fm7          A#m7         Cmaj7
I thought my conquest was made
          Am7            Dm7
But I was stunned by the magnitude
Gm7      C7 
Of her ingratitude
Fm7                                 Cmaj7                               
I spent a good thirty bucks on this babe
Like the shirt I was wearing

This romantic affair was not destined to last
The harder I tried, the louder she laughed
I was reduced to despair, my emotions laid bare
She knew I was hurt, made me feel like a jerk
I was humbled, humiliated, castrated
My masculinity dragged through the dirt
Then thrown in the air to be devoured by the lions
The vultures, the jackals and all the scavengers of love
      Dm                       Em7
I was strutting around with my chest stuck out
       Am                Am7
like a peacock preparing to get laid
Dm                            Em7
Thought I looked cool but she put me down
          Am                         D      Am
She said "You look like a clown on a circus parade"
Still the shirt has class, it looks well made
She was a babe of the first degree
She was totally fantabulous
Like a goddess from Greece and yet
The epitome of the 20th century femininity
She was in her own league
She was meant for me, it was destiny
Like Adam and Eve, synchronisity
She brought out the testosterone in me

Dm           Em7                  Am       Am7
Last time I saw that babe she was smiling contentedly
Dm                      Em7          Am        D
Now I'm trapped on this murder rap, a mistaken identity
          Am            D             Am
It wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me
         Am7            Dm7        Gm7            C7
Now this cop says "It's up to you, death row or solitude
Fm7               A#m7              Cmaj7
Crime of passion, you should plead 'insane'
Am7            Dm7        Gm7            C7
You say you wouldn't lie, but we've just blown your alibi
Fm7                                          Am7
We've found your shirt and it's got a blood stain"


(The following C and Am chords are on the fifth fret positions.)

           C              Am      C Am
It was the shirt you were wearing
           C    Am                C Am
It was the shirt you were wearing

Outro: C Am C Asus4
(Let Asus4 ring out)

Note: The Dm and Em7 at the end of the verse are at the fifth fret position and seventh fret position respectively.
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