Chords for "Permanent Waves"

Date: July 10, 1997  7:59 PM
From: Christopher Carl Heckman

                                Permanent Waves
                            Written by R.D. Davies

A                          D         A        
Please call a doctor, I've been so depressed, 

       D              A       E        
That I think that I'm finally breakin'.

  A                            D        A     
I can't quite explain, I can't feel any pain, 

      D              A            E      
But I know that this time I'm not fakin'.

C7  D7           A   C7  D7         A  
Oh,  what can it be, oh,  inside of me?

D7                       A                  
I saw my doctor he said, man you look sick. 

D7                          A                  
He said, I think you better do something quick.

D7                        A          F#5  
He checked me over and he said I was fit. 

         D5        F#5            D5            F#5   
What you need is a change, have a shave, find a chick.

D7                            A                  
Your body functions, but your hair's a disgrace. 

D7                            A              
You shouldn't let it hang all over your face.

D7                         A           F#5    
Change your image 'cos you look out of place. 

          D5           F#5            D5         F#5  
Comb your hair, put on weight, try to look up to date.

A                         D         A      
Why don't you put in some permanent waves? 

            D                  A               E        
You'll look smooth you'll look cool, you'll be laughing.

       A                            D                A     
You'll get lots of dates, you'll be made, you'll get laid. 

           D        A               E        
You'll get out and about, you'll be laughing.

C7  D7           A  C7       D7                  A     
Oh,  you'll be O.K. once you get those permanent waves.

D7                          A                
I was really up but now I'm down once again, 

D7                        A               
I went out walking and it started to rain,

D7                              A                F#5    
My perm washed out, it just got flushed down the drain, 

      D5      F#5           D5          F#5  
My neurosis returned, I'm a wreck once again.

    A                       D         A      
But wait 'til I get back my permanent waves, 

        D             A               E        
I'll be cool, I'll be smooth, I'll be laughing.

     A                       D         A      
I'll be all the rage with my permanent waves, 

         D           A              E        
And I'll start a new craze, I'll be laughing.

C7  D7        A  C7     D7               A    
Oh, I'll be O.K. once I get my permanent waves

Start a new craze, permanent waves, I'll be all the rage, my permanent
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