Chords for "No Return"

Date: August 30, 1997  4:24 PM
From: Harlan Leslie Thompson

NO RETURN- The Kinks

C         C/D C/C# C/C

C               Bb  Bb/D Bb/C# Bb/C
If, if I could see
F                   Cm7       Db
Just how lonely my life could be
    F# Db          F#
If you  passed me by
     C       F
And said farewell
      B B/C# B/C          B/C# B/C
And there           is no return

Stars would shine no more
I would walk up and down this lonely
Room, I would have
Friends but be alone
For there is no return

     G            D
For you were my first love
     F                        E
And now it looks like you've gone
    Eb                 D
And I have waited too long

For if, if I could see
Just how lonely my life would be
If you passed me by
And said farewell
And there is no return
  B/C# B/C      B/B  B/C  E
There is no return

NOTES: Play most every chord as a barre chord.  For the chords with a / in
them, play the chord as usual before the slash, and then add the single
note after the slash onto the first (tiniest) string on the guitar.  So
C/D would be a C barre chord, plus t he 5th fret note of the first string. 
Emphasize these first string notes. You may need to tune down one half
step to play with the record (but it is clear it is with these chord
shapes from the non-barred E chord in the bridge).
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