Chords for "Mr. Reporter"

Date: Feb. 18, 1998  11:39 AM
From: z_dikesjs

Here are the chords and Dave's lead part for Mr. Reporter.  The song
shifts to another key midway through.  The two chord patterns just repeat.

1st chord pattern:
D  C  G  F  A7 or A
Then the song shifts

E  D  A  G  B7 or B

Dave's electric plays the same notes as the horn section.
The first section:

   (D)              (C)             (G)        (F)    (A)
E ----10----------------8--------------3----------------5--------------
G-11------------------9---------------4-------- 5-----6------

Repeat until key change

Second section

    (E)           (D)            (A)         (G)       (B7)

Repeat until the song ends.
If you want a long drawn out guitar solo, try a blues scale in D for the
first section and one in E for the second section.

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