Chords for "Most Exclusive Residence For Sale"

Date:        March 22, 1997  7:52 PM
From:        cory gavito

Chords for: Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
Words & Music by: Ray Davies

INTRO: (no chords) E F# G G# G# A A# B B C# D# E
                 (E major scale with b3rd and #5th)
E                  B7                   E   
It was the biggest house in the neighborhood.
                        B7                 E     E7
He went and bought this house when he made good.
A            D     G        A         
Ten bedrooms and a swimming pool
E                            B7             E 
Where he entertained all the people that he knew.
G#                                   A    F#m
But he hit the hard times and had to sell out
A              B7  A         E   (INTRO riff)
Most exclusive residence for sale.

same chords as VERSE:
He went and spent all the money that he had
Because he had a thought and not a head.(?)
He spent it all on girls and fancy jewelry.
Then he found himself in front of a judge and jury.
And the judge said to "pay up or you must sell out."
Most exclusive residence for sale.

He had to tell the servants to go away.
They couldn't even afford to pay their way.
He took to the bottle and drunk himself down,
Then he soaked away all the troubles and let them drown.
Then he saw a notice on the wall.
"Most Exclusive Residence For Sale."--2x
A              B7    A     E
La la la la la la la la la la. (fade)

from face to face
transcribed by cory gavito.
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