Chords for "Killing Time"

Date: May 25, 1997  2:47 PM
From: Gary Maragos

"Killing Time"   (Ray Davies)

Intro: F C  (x4)

C    Am     G         F
Everybody's going somewhere
C   Am       G        F
See how they stand in line
C      Am             G         F
All complaining their lives are unfair
C           Am        G       F
Too bad for them, too bad for mine
         C       Am
It's the killing time
     G        F
>From now till then
C       Am
Killing time
    G       F
Not knowing when
C                Am      G        F
They're watching me, I'm watching them
         C      F     C     F       C     F     C
Standing by the empty mine, killing time
It's a killing time
  G       F
I know it well
C       Am
Killing time
  G       F
Until the bell
C           Am         G       F
Too late to change, to soon to tell
     C         F       C 
In between the killing time
F       C        F      C
Killing time, giving me hell
F   G        Em          Am
Up above the stars still shine
C           Am   G      F
Through the poverty and grime
C      Am    G         F
Of the empty streets below
        C       F        C
Killing time, nowhere to go
F        C      F      C
(Killing time)

Tell me brother what's the plan?
Will I be a working man?
And occupy my idle mind
Or kill the time I knew so well
Killing time, giving me hell

Still I can smile at what I see
Soap operas full of vanity
So much wealth and property
Side by side with petty crime

Is that all life's meant to be?
Commercials full of luxuries?
A man has one, a cat has nine
And in between it's killing time
(Killing time)

It's a killing time
I know it well
Too late to change 
Too soon to tell

Still I can smile at what I find
Waiting round and killing time

F        G
Bite the bullet
Em      Am
Help me through it
C         Am        G       F
These lunatics will take my mind
          G       Em     Am       (A5 A5 G5 A5 G5)
Why can't life be more sublime
     F           C         F       C
Than all of this waste and killing time?
F       C
Killing time
  F       C
I know it well
         F       C
It's the killing time
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