Chords for "The Informer"

The Informer by Ray Davies
By Sean Higgins

Isn't it strange, meeting you here
C			   D				G
Two old friends just sitting down quietly drinking a beer
But knowing your past, the way that I do
	C			D					  G 	
After all this time I surprised you'd even come to this rendezvous
	C						G
They say you went and moved across the border
	   D				    C				  G		
So it's hard to believe that your sitting here with me tonight
I know you're on the run, you shouldn't be here
		C			     D	
But do you feel the fear when you need an old friend
And the enemy's near

	C					    G	
It's strange we always go to church on Sundays
	D				C		  G
After getting right out of it on a Saturday night
And if we stay here too long, I know that we'll quarrel
    G      G/F#	  Em 	
And end up having a fight
	  D			C			   G	
Just a couple of losers putting the world to right

Just two people having a beer
	  C				 D				G 	
But on either side there is so much anger and so much fear
Just two people, trying to get by
	    C			         D	
But we're torn apart because of different pressures
From different sides
C					G
I hear you're on the run from law and order
	  D				   C				   G		
But you had to show up cause you knew it was a matter of pride
But beliefs aside, religion apart,
	   C				   D		
Did you ever think about all the suffering you caused
And all the broken hearts?
C						G
The word is out, that you are the informer
	D		C			  G	
Who gave me away without so much as a fight
	C						G	  G/F#	Em	
So be a good friend, and let me take you quietly without a fight
D					C		D
I'll be the one who's gonna take you home tonight
D					C		G
I'll be the one who's gonna take you home tonight

I think I got most of this okay except at the very end.  Any suggestions are more 
than welcome.  I found this album and especially this song grew on me as I listened 
to it more and more.  I'm curious as to who or what this song is about.  Maybe Ray 
wrote it while living in Ireland (two sides of religion).  Anyone know?
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