Chords for "I Believed You"

Date: February 25, 1999 3:54 PM
From: carey fleiner, ph.d.

I Believed You

words & music: Dave Davies

Bm              E
I believed you, I believed you
C               F#m
I believed you, now it's up to me

   G                   C
1. I believed what you said
G                   D
The loving days are through
G                    C
But you were fooling around
G                D
I found somebody who
Em                         Am
Will never never take your place
Em                        Am
Will never give me your embrace
Em                            Am
But now that you've shown your face
F                        G
You've broken her heart, too

I believed you, etc.

2. Now what am I to do
Now that you want me so
I just can't leave her blue
Or else I'll be alone
Well, I just can't leave her now
It wouldn't be fair somehow
She loved me when my love was down
Now you've broken her heart, too.

I believed you, etc.

3. same as 2.

I believed you, etc.

There's no real ending here, so just sheepishly trail off at will.

For those of you playing along at home, Dave uses the traditional
I-IV-I-V here with a nice pivot to the supertonic key on the tonic
submediant, which shifts the action to the supertonic v-i, v-i for added
melodic interest (in direct contrast to his brother whose style is
characterized by an extensive use of plagal, or subdominant, shifts).
Using the supertonic submediant to shift back to the tonic does not
exactly keep with Fux's strict rules of invertible counterpoint in his
seminal *Gradus ad Parnassum* (1725), but, heck, J. S. "Dr Rhythm" Bach
knew better, and he knew when to throw in an efficacious power chord on
occasion, too.
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