KiNKED! Kinks Songs & Sessions 1964-1971

Release info:

Produced by: Alec Palo
Release date: 25 Mar 2016
Record label & catalog #: Ace Records CDCHD 1463
Country: UK
Format: CD
Release type: Tribute album


1. This Strange Effect   mono mix, by Dave Berry (2:25), recorded Jun 1965 at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London
2. Look For Me Baby   mono mix, by Goldie & The Gingerbreads (2:17), recorded May 1965
3. I Bet You Won't Stay   mono mix, by The Cascades (2:20), recorded Jul 1965 at Los Angeles, California
4. King Of The Whole Wide World   mono mix, by Leapy Lee (2:32), recorded Feb 1966 at IBC Studios, Portland Place, London
5. I Go To Sleep   stereo mix, by Peggy Lee (2:00), recorded Jul 1965 at Los Angeles, California
6. All Night Stand   mono mix, by The Thoughts, UK version - different take from US version (2:25), recorded 1966
7. So Mystifying   mono mix, by The Olympics (2:48), recorded Dec 1964-Jan 1965 at Western, Hollywood, California
8. A Well Respected Man   mono mix, as "Un Jeune Homme Bien" (French translation) by Petula Clark, recorded 1965
9. One Fine Day   mono mix, by Shel Naylor (2:28), recorded Feb 1964 at Decca Studios (No. 2), West Hampstead, London
10. Oh! What A Day It's Gonna Be   mono mix, by Mo & Steve (2:31), recorded 1966
11. Little Man In A Little Box   mono mix, by Barry Fantoni (3:03), recorded 18 Feb, 1966 at Philips Studios, London
12. House In The Country   mono mix, by The Pretty Things (2:57), recorded 1966
13. When I See That Girl Of Mine   mono mix, by Bobby Rydell (2:10), recorded 1965
14. Nobody's Fool   stereo mix, by Cold Turkey, recorded 1972
15. Act Nice & Gentle   stereo mix, by Duster Bennett (2:21), recorded 1970
16. I've Got That Feeling   mono mix, by The Orchids (2:30), recorded Feb 1964 at Decca Studios (No. 2), West Hampstead, London
17. Emptiness   stereo mix, by The Honeycombs (2:10), recorded 1965 at Pye Studios, London
18. Rosy Won't You Please Come Home   stereo mix, as "Rosie, Rosie" by Marianne Faithful, recorded about 1966
19. I'm Not Like Everybody Else   alt mono mix, by The Chocolate Watch Band (3:45), recorded Oct 1966 at Los Angeles, California
20. Who'll Be The Next In Line   mono mix, by The Knack (1:56), recorded 1965
21. Dandy   mono mix, by Herman's Hermits (2:02), recorded 1966
22. The Virgin Soldier March/Ballad Of The Virgin Soldier   mono mix, as "The Virgin Soldier March" by the John Schroeder Orchestra (3:28), recorded Feb 1969 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
23. A Little Bit Of Sunlight   mono mix, by The Majority (2:38), recorded 1965
24. Big Black Smoke   mono mix, by Mick & Malcolm, recorded 1967
25. Mr. Pleasant   mono mix, by Nicky Hopkins & His Whistling Piano (2:35), recorded 1967
26. End Of The Season   mono mix, by The Uglys (2:51), recorded 1966
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