The Konks

Release info:

Produced by: Tal Shelmy
Release date: Feb 2000
Record label & catalog #: Heartpunch HP329
Country: USA
Format: CD
Release type: Tribute album
Description/Notes: A Rutles-like parody of the Kinks


1. I've Got Nothing
2. Mr. Trendy
3. Beautiful Spring Day
4. The Olde Fashioned Values Committee

Liner Notes:

Produced by Tal Shelmy

Dae Ravens - Vocals, Guitar
Nite Ravens - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Avarice - Drums
Pat Quaint - Bass

Elizabeth Speck - Background vocals on "Beautiful Spring Day" & "Old Fashioned Values Committee"
Mixed by Lane Steinberg @ Wild Feed, N.Y.
Cover Illustration - Robert Pokorny,
Design - R I P

Songs written by John Dunbar
©1999 Snoopenned Music BMI

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