Release info:

Produced by: Moog Konttinen
Release date: 1994
Record label & catalog #: Poko Rekords POKOCD 152
Country: Finland
Format: CD
Release type: Tribute album
Description/Notes: Finnish translation of 'Soap Opera'


1. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker)   stereo mix, as "Tähtinen (Tähtinän On Kuka Vaan)" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
2. Ordinary People   stereo mix, as "Tavallinen Rahvas" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
3. Rush Hour Blues   stereo mix, as "Ruuhkablues" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
4. Nine To Five   stereo mix, as "Kello Viis" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
5. When Work Is Over   stereo mix, as "Kun Työpäivä Päättyy" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
6. Have Another Drink   stereo mix, as "Ota Vielä Ryyppy" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
7. Underneath The Neon Sign   stereo mix, as "Alla Neonvalotaivaan" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
8. Holiday Romance   stereo mix, as "Lomaromanssi" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
9. You Make It All Worthwhile   stereo mix, as "Sä Saat Sen Kannattaan" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
10. Ducks On The Wall   stereo mix, as "Taistelevat Metsot" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
11. (A) Face In The Crowd   stereo mix, as "Kasvoton Mies" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994
12. You Can't Stop The Music   stereo mix, as "Ne Ei Voi Musiikkia Tappaa" by Moog Konttinen, recorded 1994

Liner Notes:

Now its done! Moog Konttinen has recorded the world's first cover cd translated word to word from English to Finnish.

Back in the 1974-75 Ray Davies with the Kinks recorded the famous "Soap Opera" Lp. Now this Lp has been translated in Finnish with HIGH respect to the original recording. It is titled "Saippuaooppera," "Soap Opera" in Finnish, naturally.

The translation by Moog has been done extreamly well. It contains all the jokes, twists and hooks the original "Soap Opera" has. Even the Finnish language flows very well with the music. The Moogetmoogs band with the support of Kikka Laitinen who also sings the "regular" dude's wife's part has done the extreamely hard task of listening to the original recording and fitted the "Saippuaooppera" into Finnish language. "Saippuaooppera" is just as good as "Soap Opera", only in Finnish.

The skids between the songs have been translated directly from the original album cover texts.

Saippuaooppera had back in 1974 and still has in the 90's many of the influences from the cartoons that tell the story of the regular person, which itself already is an exciting adventure. This "regular" story has cleverly been fitted with philosophical talk about the meaning of life, social criticism without forgetting humor and self irony. In brief, Saippuaooppera has a message.

Why do a whole album in Finnish? "Hell why not? It is not an excuse not to do somthing because it has not been done before. Naturally one needs good nerves to listen to a 40 minute long story hey, its worth it!"

Saippuaooppera is a grazy story about a star who wants to get new content to his songs and decideds to trade places with a "regular" dude. The songs in this opera range from rock to ballads. As the story goes along it goes through the regular dude's getting up in the morning, the morning rush, the boring day at the boring office and the return home via the local pub. The life is just not that easy. An argument with the wife will follow. What happens then... well listen to the cd.


The Star, Regular dude: Moog Konttinen Electric guitar: Markku Mäkinen
Regular dude's wife: Kikka Laitinen Bass: Jorma Pelamo
Story teller: Juha Miettinen Drums: Jukka Aronen
Vocals: Moog Konttinen Keyboards: Kikka Laitinen
Acoustic and electric guitar: Juha Miettinen Backing vocals: Kikka Laitinen, Frogli, Jani and Moog

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