Kinks Discography

Most of the data presented here is from the book You Really Got Me : An Illustrated World Discography of the Kinks, 1964-1993 and is used with kind permision of the author, Doug Hinman.

All Day And All Of The Night/I Gotta Move Dec 1964 Pye 7N 15714
Tired Of Waiting For You/Come On Now Feb 1965 Pye 7N 15759
Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy/Who'll Be The Next In Line Apr 1965 Pye 7N 15813
Set Me Free/I Need You Jun 1965 Pye 7N 15854
See My Friends/Never Met A Girl Like You Before Sep 1965 Pye 7N 15919
I'm On An Island/Till The End Of The Day Jan 1966 Pye 7N 305
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion/Sittin' On My Sofa Mar 1966 Pye 7N 17064
Sunny Afternoon/I'm Not Like Everybody Else Jun 1966 Pye 7N 17125
Dead End Street/Big Black Smoke Dec 1966 Pye 7N 17222
Mister Pleasant/This Is Where I Belong Apr 1967 Pye 7N 17314
Waterloo Sunset/Act Nice And Gentle Jul 1967 Pye 7N 17321
Death Of A Clown/Love Me Till The Sun Shines Aug 1967 Pye 7N 17356
Autumn Almanac/David Watts Oct 1967 Pye 7N 17405
Susannah's Still Alive/Funny Face Dec 1967 Pye 7N 17429
Wonderboy/Polly Apr 1968 Pye 7N 17468
Lincoln County/There Is No Life Without Love Jun 1968 Pye 7N 17514
Days/She's Got Everything Jul 1968 Pye 7N 17573
The Village Green Preservation Society/Picture Book Dec 1968 Pye 7N 319
Hold My Hand/Creeping Jean Jan 1969 Pye 7N 17678 Release unconfirmed
Plastic Man/King Kong Apr 1969 Pye 7N 17724
Drivin'/Mindless Child Of Motherhood Jul 1969 Pye 7N 17776
Lola/Berkeley Mews Jul 1970 Pye 7N 17961
Apeman/Rats Dec 1970 Pye 7N 45016
Sleepwalker/Full Moon Apr 1977 Arista 6C006 98911
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