From the September 1995 issue of Discoveries:

You Really Got Me - The Kinks: Part One (An Illustrated World Discography of the Kinks, 1964 - 1993) by Doug Hinman

Now this is what I call a discography! Hinman's 572 page opus includes detailed entries (and I do mean detailed) for over 400 U.S./U.K. LPs/EPs/singles; thousands of LPs/EPs/singles from around the rest of the world; more than 250 compact disks; pre-recorded tapes; unreleased records; more than 200 promotional vinyl and CD releases; radio shows numbering more than 400; bootlegs; acetates and test pressings; hundreds of cover versions.

The bare-bones telling of the facts doesn't do this book justice at all. Hundreds of record covers and labels lighten up the pages, but best of all are the introductory essays by Hinman for each section. This man knows the Kinks, and he's published the most intelligently organized yet mammothly researched and detail-filled book of its kind I've ever used. Truly a must-buy. $45 softcover, $65 hardcover, add $4 shipping in U.S. ISBN: 0-9641005-0-9, Doug Hinman, P.O. Box 4759, Rumford, RI 02916-0759.

John Koenig
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