The Kinks - The Official Biography


Jon Savage


Faber and Faber Limited, London

Publishing Dates:

First published in 1984


ISBN 0-571-13379-7; ISBN 0-571-13407-6 Pbk

Misc. Stats:

8" x 10.5", 176 pages

Jacket notes:

The Kinks first came to everyone's attention in 1964 as one of the noisiest and most aggressive bands, with records like 'You Really Got Me', and during the next five years they were rarely out of the charts. From 1969 onwards, however, they concentrated principally on America, equalling the success they had in Britian and building audiences of 750,000 an album.

What has set the Kinks apart is that, except for the Rolling Stones, they are now the only major pop group of the mid-1960s to have survived. Contemporaries like the Who and the Beatles have gone. In addition, until now very little has been written about them. Drawing on extensive interviews with the band and the people closest to them over a twenty-year period, this authorized biography gives a definitive insight into the Kinks and their music. Here, for the first time, is the full story behind some of the most timeless pop songs ever written and the group that created them.
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