Waterloo Sunset


Ray Davies


UK: Viking/Penguin, London
US: Hyperion

Publishing Dates:

UK: First published 1997
US: First published 2000


UK Hardcover: ISBN 0-670-86640-7
US Hardcover: ISBN 0-7868-6535-0

Misc. Stats:

UK: Hardcover, 5.25" x 8.5", 249 pages
US: Hardcover, 5.5" x 8.25", 288 pages

Jacket notes:

[UK edition]
Ray Davies is one of rock's most evocative and talented songwriters. Now the inspiration behind those classic songs has come alive again.

This is a concept album set on paper, whose interlinking narratives are held together by Richard, who is helping an ageing rocker to make a comeback; by a sinister character from one of the songs; and by deeper chords that are resonant of the struggle to retain identity amid the confusion between pretence and reality. It's still a rock 'n' roll world, and whether the mood is fantastic, laconic, exuberant, witty or moving, like his music, the words of Ray Davies still cut through to the bone.

Ray Davies was born in North London. Together with his younger brother, Dave, he launched the Kinks in February 1964. Their first number-one single, 'You Really Got Me', was followed by thirty albums and a series of hit singles, including 'Waterloo Sunset' and 'Lola'. Ray Davies has also worked in television, film and theatre and has written songs for other well-known pop musicians. His first book, X-Ray, his autobiography, is published by Penguin. He lives in London.


'Pop biographies rarely come more inventive than this... an enjoyable mix of true confessions and quasi-fictional scene-setting... The eye for detail is as precise as in the best of his 1960s music work, and his creativity is sharply evident throughout'

-Alan Jackson in THE TIMES

'We romp across the decade with flair: tales of power games with the Beatles, girls with lacquered hair... greedy deals in Denmark Street and immortal songs written from within the pits of despair'

-Paul Du Noyer in MOJO

'X-RAY is that rarest of things: a rock-star autobiography that is engaging, entertaining and well-written, to boot'

-Tom Hibbert in the MAIL ON SUNDAY

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