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Compiled by Virgin Publishing Ltd., Introduction by Colin Shearman


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An instant phenomenon, The Kinks exploded onto the Sixties' music scene with their first hit, 'You Really Got Me'. Idolised on both sides of the Atlantic, Ray Davies' prolific song-writing and the band's energetic output, notched up an amazing 9 UK and 7 US hits between 1965 and 1967. As contemporaries of groups with squeaky-clean images, such as The Beatles, the world's press went into a frenzy with the stories of The Kinks onstage fights and rioting fans.

Their classics included such controversial material as 'Lola', written about a transvestite, and 'Sunny Afternoon', an indictment of the aristocratic classes in Britain. Sixties music is synonymous with The Kinks and the band have kept their kudos as on of the longest-lived groups of the celebrated 'British Invasion' into the US. Their influence continues today with Ray Davies actively encouraging - and performing with - new bands like Blur, bringing his skills as a craftsman of songs to a new generation of bands and their fans.

Colin Shearman has been a regular contributor to the Guardian Arts page since the 1980s, as well as working for Time Out as a TV writer. He has been writing for Q magazine since its very first issue, and specialises in rock music from the 1960s.

Packed to the hilt with facts and essential quotations from the idols and those who knew them, loved them, worked with them, envied them and hated them, Virgin Modern Icons are a major celebration of the heroes of twentieth century culture - the good, the great and the idolised.

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