The Great Songs of The Kinks


Compiled by Peter Evans


Wise publications, London/New York/Sydney

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UK ISBN 0-7119-0818-4

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Enlarged A4, 50 pages, softcover

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The Great Songs of The Kinks

Front: "Ten songs by Ray Davies that made The Kinks one of the most popular redording acts of the sixties. All songs arranged for piano/vocal with guitar boxes." Back: "During the Sixties, while the pop world was dominated by acts from Merseyside, The Kinks emerged from London with a string of hugely succesful hit records, many of which are included in this handsomely-produced folio. Tomas Carlssons opinion: A three-lined notification of ten Kinks-hits. Well done and easy to follow. Bought 1995 in Virgin Megastore, London.



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