The Kinks: Picture Cover Book

Author: Heinz Dietz

Publisher: Self-published by Heinz Dietz; Printed in Germany

Publishing Date: 2005


Misc. Stats: Hardback, 8.5" x 12", 166 pages

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Excerpt from the forward:
Yes, indeed, we know - you can find quite a number of Kinks books on the market. but so far, non of those volumes managed to present illustrations of all the Kinks Singles and EPs, much less every single one of them in beautiful, colour reproductions. So this is the first worldwide and complete Kinks picture cover collection, assorted according to their countries of origin and in absolutely brilliant quality, too! The record collector's heart will beat faster - or it might actually miss a beat should too many gaps in the archive be detected.

Unfortunately, in many countries, the labels issued their Singles only in company sleeves with a hole in the centre, for instance Canada, South Africa, Greece, Ireland and the Philippines, to name but a few. In other states, like Great Britain and the USA, picture covers only tended to appear during the late 1970s, and so, not too many of those exist there either. In order to complete the Singles and EP-discography, Maxi-Singles and CD-Singles are dealt with in an extra chapter. With regard to the LPs, I took the British albums as a base to work from, and presented the covers of other countries only if they differed from the British ones. The compilations are so absolutely varied that I only used those which have got really rare and beautiful cover art.

This project is also meant to be a guide for the collector who wants to complete his archives. Of course, it is still possible today to purchase all these records at fairs or via the internet. How about this little teazer: On a recent tour of London, we spotted the Kinks album DIE NEUE KINKS REVUE in "mint" condition (= spotless) in Camden Town - for the proud sum of 149 pounds Sterling -- about 225 Euros for this old "Pye" artifact from 1966.

Apart from the order number, the title, label and year of release, which constitute vital criteria for the collector, I also included information on a record's value. Prices paid by collectors, tags at record fairs and also at auctions in collectors' magazines or on the net were the basis for those. For Europe, these price tags are relatively consistent. The prices for more exotic countries have to be treated with caution, as these records are much harder to come by on these shores -- and consequently, some collectors manage to catapult their favorites' value into astronomical figures. A record's price tag is always related to a mint copy, including its cover. Depending on the condition, respectively lower prices are inevitable.

Heinz Dietz

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