KPS Kinks Talenthouse Entries

KPS Member


John Dunbar

Labour of Love

Laurie Lyons

Set Me Free

Mitch Friedman

Rock ‘n Roll Cities (Louis Jordan version)

Andy Ard

Missing Persons

Jim Smart


Jim Napoli


Henny Stahli (The Dutch Riffers)

I'm Not Like Everybody Else (live)

The Spivs

Some Mother’s Son

The Spivs


The Spivs

Sitting in My Hotel

The Spivs

Village Green

The Spivs

See My Friends

The Spivs

Waterloo Sunset

Patricia and Wolfgang Sweeney

You Can’t Stop the Music

White Cats (Tara Angell & Julian Woolsey)

Big Sky

Kevin Wayne

Low Budget

The Boinks (Joy Johnson)

Who’ll Be the Next in Line

Harald Stahl

A Face in the Crowd

Marianne Spellman



The Spivs are Geoff Murrell - lead vocals, Olga Ruocco - backing vocals, and
Geoff Lewis - backing vocals, all instruments and arrangements