HOLLAND GREEN (Thanks John Dalton)
[ R. Davies / Rob / Simon ]

Oh hoh hoh hoh
Well you've played the bass a long time, dear John Dalton
You made records with Mark Four and with The Kinks
Now it's so hard to explain that you'll never play again
Oh how we'll miss you on the bass in Holland Green (Rock it)

Oh hoh hoh hoh
You have always come to Holland when we asked you
Now it's our turn to come to England to pay respect
"The Dutch Kinks Preservation Society wants to thank you
for everything you have done for us"
Many thanks from all the fans in Holland Green

Oh hoh hoh hoh
No more gigs for Nobby in Stairway To Heaven
All those gigs in Utrecht were the best we have seen
Now it's no more Kast Off Kinks (what the hell) and time for other things (with Val)
But we hope to see you back in Holland Green (Oh hit it, hit it)

We are the Dutch Kinks Preservation Society
Organizing fan meetings in all the different varieties
We are the Dutch Kinks Preservation Society
God save John Dalton, Nobby and other varieties
God save John Dalton
God save Holland Green
God save Nobby
Thank you John Dalton